World AIDS Day

This season, there are so many reasons to show appreciation, be joyful, and give support. December 1st is World AIDS Day, and ARFC would like all of you to join us in doing just that.

We show our gratitude to the individuals who fought for equal rights and healthcare, and fought against discrimination, and fought on behalf of those who had no voice. The narrative of HIV/AIDS and of the communities most affected by the epidemic is written by these pioneers.

We are most joyful when we celebrate the incremental, and sometimes monumental, achievements so far that have allowed for the reality of an AIDS-Free Generation. In 2013, 35 million people were living with HIV/AIDS. However, the message from the medical and healthcare community is that with prevention methods and recent prevention advancements, we could exist in a world with no new infections.

We look ahead at the community-based work and advocacy that still needs to come, and ARFC gives its support to our partners in New Jersey. Each organization, agency, support group, counselor, mentor, and family member is vital in overcoming the challenges faced by a person living with HIV/AIDS in an underserved community. ARFC has never walked alone in this journey, and we will continue to move forward alongside our partners towards an AIDS-Free Generation.