Your action today ...

Be a partner in creating the change you want to see in the world.  AIDS Resource Foundation for Children works each day to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.  With your action today, families will be more resilient and communities will be healthier - our children and neighborhoods can have the opportunity to thrive.  Join us in making holistic care possible for all children with specialized medical needs and families impacted by HIV and AIDS.

If your action today can be a donation of:
- $20, you can provide supervised transportation for a child in Newark to attend the after-school program.
- $50, you can ensure that weekly support groups are in place for men and women impacted by HIV.
- $150, you can give a child with special needs the ability to go on field trips designed just for them.
- $275, you can help ARFC's families maintain sustainable supportive housing.
- $550, you can sponsor a whole family to attend a full session at St. Clare's Summer Camp!

Your contribution of any amount will be valuable to the children and families in our care.  To learn more about special donations or about how your gift will be used, contact us at or (973) 643-0400.

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To donate your car, truck, or boat call us at (855)-500-7433