Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our StoryMission, Vision and Values


What we do…

We help individuals, children, and families who are impacted by HIV/AIDS or are faced with other social and health-related barriers to be resilient and to build healthier futures.
We do this through:

Transitional care for medically fragile children
Transitional housing for HIV+ women
Transitional housing and care for young HIV+ gay/bisexual men
Supportive housing for individuals and families infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
Enrichment programs for children and families
Case management and supportive services
Advocacy to ensure optimal policies, funding, and support for the populations we serve

How we do it…

We carry out our work with a relentless commitment to quality and behaviors that reflect the following values:

Health – We create safe and healthy environments
Family – We strengthen bonds among loved ones
Compassion – We care; our actions reflect empathy and respect
Advocacy – We empower our clients to speak and speak for those without a voice



What we are striving for…

Our People
A strong and influential board that is committed to the mission, acts in alignment with the values, spearheads fundraising and focuses on sustainability
Committed leadership and staff with the right skills in the right jobs who are committed to the mission, act in alignment with the values, act with professionalism, and get things done
Energized and active volunteer network that supports our work through direct services, fund raising, and awareness raising (i.e., speaker’s bureau)

Our Organization
Mission-focused and acting in alignment with our values
Fiscally sound
Focused on outcomes, measurement and accountability
Efficient and streamlined processes that are technology enabled and ‘green’

Our Clients
No medically fragile children boarding in hospitals in NJ
No homeless HIV affected families in greater Newark, NJ
No members of the HIV+ LGBTQ community without supportive care and a place to call home in NJ
All children directly affected by HIV in greater Newark, NJ will be HIV-free and on the right path to be productive, contributing members of society