Dear {first_name} {last_name},

Thank you for your generous contribution of {currency} {amount}
made to the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children.

This thoughtful gift is valuable in supporting our comprehensive services to vulnerable children and their families. We are truly fortunate to have friends like you who support our mission.

Some of the holistic services provided at the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children: Transitional Homes for Medically Fragile Children;Transitional Homes for HIV+ gay/bisexual men; Transitional Homes for HIV+ women; Medical and Mental Health Support to Families; Youth Development and Family Summer Camp; Intensive Case Management; and Housing to Homeless Families.

The mission of the AIDS Resource Foundation for Children is to help families who are impacted by HIV/AIDS and children who have other serious medical conditions to be resilient and to build healthier futures. Thank you for making it possible to continue this mission.

Thank You,

Kevin Zealand

Executive Director